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Pro-Ma Systems Australia: Dany Tjan

Dany Tjan, the subject of this blog, is a Director of Pro-Ma Systems (New Zealand), and together with his wife Elizabeth Tjan (Beth Tjan), they have put their business into receivership.

To protect the Pro-Ma Systems name, they changed the company name on the 15th December from Pro-Ma Systems (New Zealand) Limited to Brown Green & Company Limited, and fled to Australia. The business was placed into receivership on 9 February 2012.

This liquidation has left thousands of dollars owed to 20 businesses.

The financial records of Pro-Ma (New Zealand) Limited, as provided to the Companies Office show the company losses as follows:

  • 2007: $102,998
  • 2008: $5,431
  • 2009: $125,715
  • 2010: $111,913

Dany Tjan signed a Personal Guarantee on a legally binding Lease Agreement on the premises he used to operate his business in New Zealand. He has left the country in order to avoid his legal obligations, which will be pursued to bankruptcy if necessary.

Dany Tjan has not honoured his obligations, he is not trustworthy, and should be avoided in business dealings.

Any comments pertaining to Dany Tjan’s current location and business dealings would be of interest, in order for us to pursue our debt and hold Dany Tjan to account.

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